Which Testosterone Boosters Actually Work?

Which Testosterone Boosters Actually Work?

When you hear the term “testosterone boosters,” you mind probably goes directly to bodybuilders and the idea of illegally injecting yourself with harmful steroids to increase muscle size or libido.

In all actuality, testosterone boosters are needed for hypogonadal males, ones who need the extra help because their bodies have an abnormal level of the crucial hormone. These men need these boosters to combat their reduction of memory, diminished sex drive, weakened muscles, and lack of energy.

If you are thinking about taking testosterone boosters because of erectile dysfunction or to improve your sex drive, you can purchase helpful products on the shelves of almost any store. But to learn a little bit more about them, this article will hopefully answer some of your lingering questions.

Some Examples

The best, safest, and most efficient way to boost your testosterone levels is to do so naturally. The artificial, illegal products can harm you and have an addictive quality to them. To even your levels naturally, you can either take naturally made supplements, go on a diet of vitamin enriched foods, or start a strict workout routine.

An example of an all natural booster supplement is creatine. This product is among the legal and safer choices for testosterone boosting. All supplements work differently for everyone, so make sure you research the known side effects before trying creatine products.

Some of the greatest testosterone boosters are actually found in foods, and who doesn’t like to eat? Foods like garlic, cabbage, broccoli, eggs, chicken, and beef contain nutrients that help hormonal levels. Most people who take supplements also pair them with a diet and with exercise, too.

There is no particular herb that helps boost the male hormone own its own, but some do seem to have some kind of effect on the body when taken. Ashwagandha has been used to effect sperm production, while Tribulus Terrestris has shown a rise in sexual exercise and longer lasting erections.

Horny Goat Weed works similar to Viagra, and Tongkat Ali, Cnidium Monnieri, and Passion flower is said to up men’s sex drive.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you are ready to start this journey of using testosterone boosters, remembers these tips. Use the supplements for a single a day but try out not to repeat the very first for any week. Break between using them after the seventh day, and soon you’ll start to see results.

Your sex drive should return. You may also see a lowering of body fat and a gain of muscle start to develop. Just make sure the boosters you are using are the best, are natural, and do not have any harmful side effects.

If you eat unhealthy or seldom exercise, you won’t see significant results. Supplements are the cure-all answer, but they can help with your other routine elements. They are just another device to help boost testosterone levels.

Some Other Helpful Tips

Eat Plenty of Meat- red meat is made up of many minerals, all which can help boost testosterone. Make sure to add red meat to your diet plan because it will help. Chicken can help, also, but red meat has the most nutrients to kick start your hormones.

Make a Pre Workout Diet- add some kind of protein to have before your training and workouts. It will provide you with energy to go harder in your workouts and help you build muscle. You can eat protein enriched foods like eggs or chicken, or you can start your workout with a protein shake. It is also important to add a meal after an intense workout, also packed with protein. Protein helps build muscle.

Use Compound Workout Routines- make a workout and exercise regularly. Squats and deadlifts are the best exercises to do because you use your total body when doing these moves. Your legs are important and impact a male’s testosterone levels greatly.

You may also see that by doing squats, you arms start to gain more muscle, or your stomach gets toner with deadlifts. These two workouts greatly affect other areas in the body besides the legs. That’s why they are recommended exercises for those who are taking supplements.

The Wrap Up

Testosterone boosters aren’t just for body builders. Many men use it to help increase their sex drive, gain energy, or to build muscle. You should always consult your doctor first before trying any products or changing your diet so dramatically.

Research your options for hormone therapy and figure out how much you can really commit to the demands. It’s important to know the best supplements for you and all possible side effects. Remember to keep them in the legal and natural categories. It always helps to add an exercise routine and diet to your daily hormone therapy.

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​What Is Deer Antler Velvet?

Many people know how a deer looks like, but they don’t know what is deer antler velvet. There is a species of deer that has furry, soft antlers, called “velvet antlers”. The males from this species (called bucks) grow antlers once a year, and they are believed to have lots of health benefits.

What Does It Consists of?

Bucks shed the antlers as soon as the rut, when they don’t need to compete with others for a female deer (called doe). This moment occurs between December and March and after they are shed, he starts growing velvet antlers, meaning they are covered in blood vessels which bring them vitamins and nutrients for regrowth.

An ancient transcript found in Hunan, China, from 2000 years ago, describes the health benefits of the deer antler velvet. To this day, traditional Chinese medicine promotes the deer antler velvet, being the second largely used medicine after ginseng.

What Is Deer Antler Velvet and What Are the Benefits?

It’s a great supplement with anti-inflammatory properties. This happens because of the substances similar to hormones that trigger growth. And it’s no wonder the deer antlers are the tissue that grows the fastest in all animals.

There are people who claim that deer antler extract cured or ameliorated their arthritis (probably due to the anti-inflammatory properties). Just Google “antler velvet arthritis” and you will find lots of testimonials that confirm the treatment of this condition. However, even though some people try to sell it as a cure for this, it’s just a secondary use.

After you find out what isdeer antler velvet, it is natural for you to ask what other benefits it has. There are lots of them: improving your mental clarity, triggering tissue repair processes, increasing libido or boosting the immunity. However, none of these effects have been scientifically proven, so always ask a doctor before taking it.

How to Use It

Now that you know what isdeer antler velvet and what effects it has, you should know how to use it. The velvet antlers are usually cut when they are 2/3 grown and made into a powder. The extract is then used for drinks, capsules or teas. No worries, the deer from which they are collected live in a closed area and nobody gets hurt in the process.

Did you think about using a deer antler supplement recently? If you did, you should know what are its benefits. Many countries are founding research and studies in order to further analyze the effects.

Nutritional supplements usually supply us with the nutrients that are missing from our food. They are concentrated and put in a medicine to compensate the lacks that can prove damaging to our body. What is deer antler velvet’s special effect? It does not only offer us what we’re lacking, but it also restores what we lost until now. Amazing, right?

Modern diets have many deficiencies with our hectic lifestyle, which is why it’s a wise step to buy some deer antler extract. Useful supplements can prove to be even vital for the good functioning of our organs. Nowadays, the main nutrients are lost by cooking and processing the food, so often the diet is insufficient for our needs. So what is deer antler velvet extract containing is in fact the nutrients we miss.

The deer antler velvet belongs to the category of good supplements. It has restorative abilities, which make it even more popular. This means that your body will look better, you will have more energy and stamina, you will be more viril and alert. Simply taking this product will make us feel refreshed and energized every day. And this is not a new product,the Chinese have been using it for 2000 years old!

Many countries are looking for an answer to the question “what is deer antler velvet extract and how to use it?”. However, the Chinese first observed the process through which deer rubbed off a velvet texture off their antlers and then grew hard tissue. This made them think about the restorative abilities of the antler velvet and they started doing more research. Next, countries all over the world, like America, Australia, Korea or New Zealand also started studying and discovered lots of benefits of the extract. New Zealand, for instance, discovered huge results, which is why everybody is advised to take the supplement.

t’s a stimulus for immunity, an improver of athletic performance, it revives you from injuries, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it avoids exercise injuries and promotes development. It’s a great source of chondroitin, Omega 6, Omega 3, minerals, proteins, amino acids, IGF-1 and 2 or glucosamine, all useful for your body. And all these answer the question of what is deer antler velvet extract! 

​Is Deer Antler Spray Safe?

Many people have been asking themselves the question: is deer antler spray safe? It is indeed a popular bodybuilding supplement that have been used in some places for more than 2000 years, but recently it has been promoted as resembling anabolic steroids, which of course can make you think if it’s safe or not.

The thing about the steroids is that they’re illegal and they can even be dangerous for your health if you abuse them. Deer antler spray has different safety instructions, even though it has similar effects to synthetic hormones. So is deer antler spray safe or not? Read on!

Deer Antler Spray Was Banned in the NFL

The first time deer antler spray became really popular was at the Super Bowl XLVII, when Ray Lewis declared he used it to heal a torn muscle. Of course, this contradicted the ban on such sprays that was enforced by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and the NFL. The reason for which they prohibited the deer antler spray was the fact that the main ingredient is IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1), which in turn is banned in many sports because it’s seen as an unfair advantage to players.

This hormone however, appears naturally in the human body, being a part of the muscle growth process after working out. The Lewis scandal triggered more research upon the product and in the end WADA accepted the antler products. Even though the IGF component is still banned, the process of delivering it into the body does not break any rule of ethics or safety, which determined more and more players to use it. So is deer antler spray safe? According to this ruling, yes.

In what concerns steroids, they are illegal and banned in sports because they can even be dangerous and impact the health on the long run. If abused, they can even create a proper environment for developing of tumors and cancers, and they have been linked to the appearance of mood swings, secondary female traits in men or testicle shrinkage. They can also be addictive, especially from a psychological point of view.

Compared to that, the deer antler extract is safer and it has a low risk of abuse. The IGF-1 is natural, non-synthetic and it can be compared to hormones that already exist in the blood. Still, can you overdose on it? Scientists haven’t got a clear answer on this yet, but all evidence seems negative. By delivering the hormone like this, you can’t overdose. In order to obtain the same bad side effects of steroids, you would need to inject very large doses of HGH or IGF.

The majority of research studies show that the biggest risk is the fact that the spray is too weak to have any dramatic consequences. A lot of players and bodybuilders talk about the benefits of the deer antler extract and about the few side effects rarely mentioned.

Is Deer Antler Spray Safe for Women?

Another question people ask: is deer antler spray safe for women? IGF-1 can replicate the estrogen activity in the body, which is the female reproductive hormone that regulates reproduction cycles and other such activities. An overdose of estrogen (or of IGF-1, which stimulates the specific receptors) can have special consequences on women. Among this we can find fibroid tumors, ovarian cancer or uterus cancer. More than that, it can lead to hormonal imbalance. However, you can’t have such serious consequences with the commercial deer antler spray. Remember to consult a doctor whenever you want to take hormone-based supplements.

Is Deer Antler Spray Safe for Minors?

IGF is often prescribed to children in order to trigger growth, like in some cases of dwarfism. This can be effective as medicine, but it is always administered under special supervision. The deer antler spray does not contain large amounts of IGF-1, so no major effects can appear in children. More than that, this spray is prescribed to children with retardation problems, rickets, learning issues or those who have weight and height problems.

How to Use it Safely?

You can take the spray every day or just when you exercise a lot and weight train. The normal dose is around 50-500 nanograms of the IGF-1 hormone, which mean 3 to 5 sprays. A true overdose on the hormone would mean 100 times more than the normal dose.

The deer antler spray is safe when used as it should be used by healthy people. However, there are lots of factors that can influence whether or not the person will progress in bodybuilding or have other benefits. Lots of scientists say that the amount of IGF-1 is not harmful, so there are no major effects, not even significant positive ones. However, there are lots of athletes and bodybuilders who use it and are satisfied, many without posing the questions of “is deer antler spray safe?”.

​Deer Antler Bodybuilding – What You Should Know

There have been many controversies regarding deer antler bodybuilding supplement, and many people are confused as to the utility and safety of using such a supplement. Read on to have a better idea on how this product works!

Deer Antler Bodybuilding Supplement Extract

The velvet extract is taken from the outer layer of the deer antlers then made into a powder which is used for these bodybuilding supplements. No worries, the deer is not hurt at all, and the velvet is checked so that it would be pure and safe. But how does it work? The main ingredient in this supplement is the insulin growth-like factor (abbreviated IGF-1), a substance also found in our bodies that helps the body grow. This component is very important for bodybuilding supplements and it is tightly connected to the HGH levels, also responsible for growth and development. IGF-1 triggers the production of more HGH, and so this supplement is very useful.

How Is the Deer Antler Bodybuilding Supplement Useful?

Most bodybuilders appreciate the deer antler supplement because it triggers a quick body mass gain. The speed at which the muscle cells divide increases and so the cells duplicate much faster. As such, muscles become larger. Simultaneously, the growth of individual muscles is also accelerated. During the intake of these supplements the muscle cells become thicker and longer, offering more strength to the muscle.

Studies have shown that the deer velvet extract bodybuilding supplement also increases the nutrients delivered to the muscle cells. Many people who were taking them noticed that their muscles recovered faster after exhausting trainings and workouts, which proves that nutrients and proteins reached the cells faster. Furthermore, this fast nutrition allows bodybuilders to work out for longer times and at a more intense pace, while their circulation and respiration improves.

Another factor that helps in growing strength and muscles while decreasing body fat is the fact that the metabolism gets faster. Even though people think that when someone gains muscle, they put on weight, truth is that bodybuilders often lose weight along with the fat in the body.

There are lots of benefits of using the supplements:

  • -Body fat decreases
  • -You can work out more intensely
  • -Muscle mass grows
  • -You recover faster
  • -Your circulation gets better
  • -Your muscles are stronger
  • -Better athletic performance

Effects on Athletes

Athletes who have used deer antler bodybuilding supplements reported an improvement not only in muscle tone and growth, stamina, power and endurance, but also in recovery after exercising. Many Olympians have taken it years in a row with great success. However, it is the anabolic growth that has such great effects, and not the steroid drugs, as some people wrongly assume.

What makes the supplement such an extraordinary help is the fact that it has growth hormones and other factors from the same category. And why is this important? Because naturally, the growth hormone production decreases drastically by the age 30, starting to become less and less even by 20 years. The most important growth factors in this supplement are the IGF-1 and the IGF-2.

Analyzing Deer Antler Components

If we were to analyze them, IGF-1 triggers the formation of new cells and muscle growth. Also, it helps with cutting short healing times, removing body fat and increasing muscle mass. And your muscles will recover much faster, becoming at the same time stronger and more resistant, not to mention healthier. Moreover, it helps in other health aspects, improving your bones, ligaments, tendons and joints. Comparatively, IGF-2 helps in tissue development and combines with the IGF-1 inside the body.

There have been lots of experiments regarding the deer antler bodybuilding supplement. John Abdo, a fitness guru in the U.S., went to the Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow in 1989 after learning about the successes of Russian athletes. After researching the training programs of athletes there, he left the country convinced that antler velvet is essential to an extraordinary athletic power. Besides the physical improvement, it also enhanced cognitive abilities and it triggered testosterone production.

More than that, it made the body to carry the oxygen inside much faster, which scientists believe it’s the reason for increased stamina and endurance. Other things that make it ideal for athletes are: the mineral ingredients found in it, the aminoacid profile and the rest of growth factors.

And if we’re listing the benefits of taking the supplement, we should mention the improvement of sexual life, an obvious thing if we think that you will have increased stamina and endurance. More than that, it improves your strength, immunity and the performances in general, which makes it a good solution for athletes and bodybuilders. It can even be used as a medicine, since it makes the effects of arthritis easier and it has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

It is recommended even for seniors, since the velvet deer antler boosts up vitality and slows the aging process in the cells. Also, women can use it for the improvement of health and libido.

All in all, this great supplement has been used by men around the world for years, with remarkable effects. All people who tested it said their health improved, along with other benefits such as healing wounds faster, decreased arthritis pains, better dental health or improvements on joint swellings. Do not underestimate the power of the deer antler bodybuilding supplement, a great natural product that can improve your health instantly! 

A Superior Supplement for Athletes of All Ages

Deer antler velvet spray reviews have showed the general public that over the past decade, an increasing number of professional and upcoming athletes, as well as bodybuilders have been utilizing a new natural substance, deer antler extracts, to increase muscle growth and physical performance. Even though they are new to the Western market, deer antler velvet spray reviews have shown that they are the popular substance that has taken the bodybuilding and athletic training world by storm.

What is Deer Antler Velvet?

Male deer grow new antlers every single year. Before the antlers reach a fully calcified state, they are covered in a soft, velvet covering. This velvet covering is extracted from the deer before the antlers become calcified, when it is at its most potent, this means that the animal experiences no harm in the process.

Why take a Deer Antler Velvet Supplement?

Deer Antler Velvet supplements help increase a growth hormone in your body called IGF-1 which is naturally produced in our liver along with human growth hormone (HGH). Higher levels of IGF-1 are directly associated with increases in HGH secretion.

What does IGF-1 do?

The main use of deer antler extract that is high in IGF-1 is with athletes and bodybuilders because as IGF-1 levels increase, the stimulation of protein synthesis is activated leading to rapid growth in muscle tissue.Essentially, the deer antler velvet can help muscles replicate, divide and grow larger, which in turn makes one stronger and required muscles larger.

Deer antler velvet spray reviews support that athletes can benefit from the product as it reduces recovery time between competitions and training sessions. It may also help reduce the effects of fatigue therefore improving overall performance. Another benefit, is that IGF-1 stays in the bloodstream longer that HGH bring benefits for a longer amount of time.

Are you looking for an overall alternative cure for osteoporosis? Trying antler velvet extract and experiencing the deer antler extract benefits can lead to a huge improvement of symptoms caused by osteoporosis. This amazing natural supplement has been used in China as a cure for joint pain due to osteoarthritis and other conditions, such as; asthma, stomach ulcers, migraine, low libido and high blood pressure.

Where Can You Get Antler Velvet Extract?

The best source of deer antler extract benefits is from elk or red deer antlers. It is safe to harvest because it is a renewable resource and does not harm the deer as it is harvested when the animal naturally sheds antler velvet. It contains; many hormones, 24 amino acids, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, selenium, prostaglandin, and collagen.

The antler is processed after the not-fully calcified velvet surrounding the antler is removed near the base, manufacturers tend to use the lower section of the antler because it is inexpensive. However, according to Asian medicine, the different sections of the antler hold different properties to aid human health’ for example, the tip maintains overall health, the middle helps osteoarthritis and the base contains nutrients for treating ailments.

Deer Antler Extract Benefits on Health

Literature concerning Chinese medicine contain deer antler velvet spray reviews, crediting it as an effective treatment for various health conditions and ailments. Several studies have shown it has therapeutic benefits. People suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can benefit from deer antler extracts a it contributes to overall bone and joint health.

The velvet contains anti-inflammatory agents; prostaglandin and selenium, which help pain relief during arthritis. The velvet antler also has huge amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen, which are the agents responsible for cartilage production and joint lubrication. Lack of cartilage is the main factor in joint inflammation.

Are there any other benefits of Deer Antler Velvet? 

While bodybuilding and athletic performance is the main use for deer antler supplements, it is not the only use. IGF-1 and HGH have a major impact on our body's metabolism and how we age. In fact, the decline of our IGF-1 levels in our body is one of the reasons that our metabolism slows in our mid-20s and why we seem to start to age more rapidly soon after.

Deer antler velvet spray reviews have shown that studies have found that the extracts can decelerate the ageing process and help improve wrinkles and fade lines around the eyes. These anti-aging benefits have been well documented across the scientific community.

A study conducted in the United States found that a significant reduction in joint pain and inflammation could be seen after taking deer antler velvet supplements for only a few weeks by study participants.That same study also found that bone health improved almost immediately after taking deer velvet supplements.This is because deer velvet supplements help bones absorb more calcium and nutrients, making them harder and stronger. These findings were confirmed in several follow-up studies in New Zealand.

Deer antler velvet spray reviews show that supplements can facilitate muscle growth while simultaneously causing weight loss as metabolism levels rises. There have been studies that show that there is a positive relationship between antler consumption and cardiovascular health. It was found that daily consumption lessened the risk of cardiovascular ailments by more than four hundred percent. Many participants with low or high blood pressure who also took this supplement found that their blood pressure became normal.

These are only some of the major deer antler extract benefits. Many of the advantages you can get from the antler velvet extract are astounding, and it has long-term positive health outcomes. It is always recommended to research reviews online to find the best product.

Don't just be amazed with deer antler extract benefits but learn how you can be one of the many individuals who benefit from this natural supplement. It is useful to read and discover the many benefits of these supplements from various deer antler velvet spray reviews, which can guide you around the amazing worldwide phenomenon that is deer antler velvet. 

Deer Antler Spray: Things You Might Need To Know

Deer antler velvet spray reviews are found often online and often discuss the pill supplement or spray form when used as a supplement. Increasing popularity of the supplement has been seen in the recent years partly due to its use by a number of professional athletes. Sportsmen use deer antler velvet spray because of its performance enhancing effects, but mostly for recovery enhancing properties.

How It Works

The extract found in deer antler velvet elevates levels of the hormone IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) in the body, assisting in the building of muscle mass, as well as, improvements in both strength, recovery and endurance.

Scientific reviews are limited, but some that have been published support beliefs that the extract provides the many benefits described. As well as this, there has been over 2000 years of usage of the deer antler supplement by Chinese medicine and other Eastern medicine practitioners.

With that being said, keep in mind that everybody has a different body chemistry and lifestyle; deer antler spray reviews show something that has extraordinary results for one person may only have ordinary results on another. However, the person who receives extraordinary results might just be you.

Is It A Hoax?

Some people believe that IGF-1 is banned in most countries or even is illegal. In some instances, this is true, such as when the deer antler hormones are in a synthetic form and not when IGF-1 is harvested naturally from deer antler velvet. Even in its natural form, the substance has a remarkable effect on the human body, particularly in the rapid development of muscle mass and recovery from strenuous activity.

Many deer antler reviews mention that IGF-1 can provide results similar to those given by use of human growth hormone these include; more muscle, less fat and a shorter recovery period. Deer antler reviews suggest the extract and its natural form of supplements might be the next best thing for bettering physical performance.

Some sources will claim there is no support for the claims made by manufacturers, or that clinical trials cannot be replicated. However there have been numerous studies, particularly by Soviet scientists, that proved successful by not just isolated studies but with the results of the 1980s Olympic sports.

If deer antler spray reviews, including this one, are correct, you can see stunning results from a legal natural source rather than an illegal synthetic. By being a natural product, there are very few negative side effects. In fact, there are no reports of severe side effects directly connected to the deer antler extract.

Things To Avoid

It is cautioned not to mix velvet with morphine as test animals have shown unpredictable results. Additionally, some individuals with pre-existing allergies have had slight reactions, it is recommended to consult a medical practitioner before use. It can be rather confusing for people to know what supplement to use to achieve what goals as there is a wide range of products on today’s market. Deer antler spray reviews have shown that it is a very popular supplement worldwide.

Other Uses Of Deer Antler Spray

● It is known that students often use the supplement whilst cramming for examinations, or to improve cognitive functions within the workplace.

● Some deer antler spray reviews have found the product has anti-ageing properties, improving fine lines and wrinkles.

● Increase of white blood cell production, boosting the immune system and reducing the chance of catching the common office cold!

● Improvement of kidney and liver function as well as cell growth. Studies have shown that during cell growth, the product offered anti-tumour and anti-viral properties.

● As well as being used as a weight loss tool by moderate gym users, deer antler velvet spray is used by those who do extensive workouts on a daily basis such as performance athletes, deer antler spray is a performance enhancer which aids muscle recovery and lean muscle growth.

● Helps those suffering with high blood pressure, by reducing and maintaining it, leading to the reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

● The natural supplement is brimming with anti-inflammatory properties which can be exceptionally beneficial for arthritis sufferer. Deer antler spray can reduce the chance of inflammation of the area leading to stiffness and discomfort limiting the sufferer to what they can and cannot do.

● Taking the supplement can help give an overall health boost including strengthened and healthier hair.

● The supplement can be used to increase libido, the extracts can improve ability for a male to achieve erection, reducing cases of erectile dysfunction. Deer antler spray reviews have also highlighted the power of the supplement to improve arousal, muscle confidence and benefit overall stamina by activating the contracting proteins involved in sexual activities.

There are many great benefits to taking this product and it's completely safe and natural. It comes in a liquid or powder form, though liquid is preferred, absorbing straight into the bloodstream for much quicker results. It has been used within Chinese medicine for over two-thousand years but is still relatively new to customers around the world.

There is a lot of discussions within deer antler spray reviews on whether this product is effective or not, but it wouldn’t have been used as a medicinal raw super food if it didn’t work.

Customers should pay careful attention when ordering this product online. To benefit from all deer antler velvet extract has to offer, you need a completely natural and safe product free from any additives. There are so many online companies selling this product, some offer the real thing, others make their own product which they then sell as the genuine article.

One should take the time to read the product description carefully to see what they include in the liquid, this way you are assured to take the natural product on a daily basis, which deer antler spray reviews indicate can benefit your mental and physical state without causing any unwanted side effects. 

Is It Worth Using A Deer Antler Supplement?

Velvet Deer

People are curious about the performance enhancing effects associated with velvet deer antler supplements, especially after being in the news in the last year after Ray Lewis of the American National Football League used it during recovery of a torn triceps muscle. This supplement is created from the shredded remains of velvet deer antlers when the velvet antler becomes bone.

The velvet is found on deer, moose, caribou and elk. For the animal, harvesting of the velvet does not harm or injure it in any way. The extract contains calcium, magnesium, zinc and a breadth of amino acids and prostaglandins that hold anti-inflammatory properties. These are mostly produced in South Korea or Australia.

History And Studies

The velvet deer extract has a long history of use, for over 2000 years, the Chinese have used the extract to medicinal treatments such as to treat minor ailments. For the Chinese, velvet deer extract has been historically effective in treating infertility, joint pain and hypertension. However, only a scarce amount of modern studies have been performed by the scientific community.

The velvet deer extracts have been approved for improving memory and mental alertness, boost the immune system, hasten healing, and improve libido in both genders. Doctors in the Soviet Union conducted studies during the 1980s and found impressing results on how athletes can be effected.The extract improved recovery time following physically strenuous activities. The strength benefits assisted the Soviet athletes in outperforming their American rivals by a great deal in weightlifting.

Glucosamine, Chondroitin & Collagen

As a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen, velvet deer extract supplements can help cartilage tissue. Glucosamine has been proven as an effective treatment for osteoarthritis and both chondroitin and collagen help to improve arthritis.


Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1), is a substance produced in the liver in response to the stimulation of human growth hormone (HGH). The increased levels of IGF and HGH are linked to increased testosterone levels supporting the historic usage of velvet deer antler spray being used to increase libido in humans.

Deer Antler Supplement Side Effects - Are There Any?

There are no known serious side effects that have been reported by those who have used the velvet deer extract, however, some people may be allergic to the velvet that is present in the supplement, particularly those who have already had allergies to similar items.

Is It For You?

The supplement really is for anyone. If you are seeking to boost performance in physical activity, raise your libido or even soothe joint pain then velvet deer antler is perfect for you. Based on the modern studies and historical usage of the product that has lasted thousands of years, the extract must be beneficial.

The velvet deer antler benefits are aplenty and it is something readers may already be aware of. There have been numerous magazine articles and news of professional athletes using the extract, due to its properties, velvet from deers has been harvested for years. For those who may be concerned for the wellbeing of the animals involved, the velvet is harvested humanely and without any pain inflicted on the animals.

Mental Acuity

A landmark Russian study found that velvet deer antler extract could boost mental acuity, students that used the product demonstrated a heightened mental acuity through mental performance in comparison to previous personal results and a control group. Follow up studies have also found similar results to that of the Russians.

Anti-Stress & Anti-Ageing

A follow up study of a Russian study done in New Zealand found that those given velvet deer extracts were less likely to be affected by stress and also secondary anti-ageing properties were apparent. Both of these studies, and repeats of the conditions have elevated curiosity in the scientific community and what now is considered an alternative might become traditional.

Immune System Booster

Another New Zealand study has found that properties within the velvet deer extract provide the elements needed for a heightened immune system, therefore making it stronger at fighting infections and other foreign bodies that the immune system feels it must neutralise.

Performance Enhancer

Velvet deer extract has shown benefits as a performance enhancer especially, but not limited for professional athletes that train strenuously on a daily basis. In increasing the performance of muscles while decreasing the time required for recovery, the extract has proved beneficial and many studies have shown why this occurs.

The velvet deer extract contains elements that boost the production of testosterone and the metabolites that are associated with it. Essentially, the antler velvet extract works in a similar manner to that of another supplement, androstenedione.

The adrenal glands and gonads produce androstenedione and then the substance is converted to testosterone in the liver. Past Soviet studies have supported this and as of late Soviet studies, there has been a renewed interest in the study of this beneficial velvet deer antler supplement.


The deer antler benefits that are provided for sufferers of arthritis have been supported by the American Food and Drug Administration group (FDA) based upon scientific studies and their results. This is because the velvet deer extract contains prostaglandins that assist in the reduction of joint swelling.

Furthermore, this combined with glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate provide the properties necessary for repair and regrowth of the cartilage that is present in joints. This is beneficial for arthritis sufferers as it enables them to feel less inflammatory pain and are therefore able to move as often as desired.

Multiple double blind studies support this hypothesis and often the extract is being given to older adults and for those suffering from juvenile arthritis because of its reduction in swelling and the associated pain. The velvet deer extracts have also got the potential to boost the regrowth of damaged cartilage, another widely supported benefit of the product. 

​Deer Antler Velvet Results

Deer antler velvet results have shown deer antler velvet is a beneficial supplement for many types of people. There are so many distinctive supplements being presented in the market that you are never fully beyond any doubt which one you require. There are those that help you get thinner or enhance cognitive capacity, and afterward there are those that have characteristic development variables, expanding quality and assisting with muscle recuperation.

What are the Supplements of Deer Antlers?

Deer antler velvet supplements focus on body growth. The product has been utilized within Chinese method for over two thousand years, and when you understand that a deer can develop prongs up to six feet in four months, it’s not difficult to perceive how the deer antler velvet results in a large number of positive profits to your general physical well being. Deer antler extracts have many benefits, such as;

● supplying you with efficient muscle development

● expanding quality and upgrading continuance

● supporting fat loss and quickens recuperation after physical harm caused

The supplement is mostly utilized by bodybuilders and athletes, and any individuals that are actively exercising. Keep in mind, deer antler velvet results have shown that deer velvet spray is a totally common and safe item, hence the positive effects on general health rather than potential dangers caused by the alternatives such as anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. (HGH)

Working of The Antler Supplements

Numerous people view the deer antler bodybuilding item as a solid supplement as part of their health regime, which can arrive in liquid, capsule and spray form. Deer antler velvet results show that deer antler can be administered most quickly via spray form as it can directly reach the bloodstream, however, the most popular way of administering the product is by using capsules because the item is retained into the circulatory system for quicker actions.

Deer antler velvet capsules can be taken at the user's convenience, the capsule disintegrates and breaks down after it meets the stomach acids - there after, it starts performing as desired.

Choosing the Right Product

Producers of supplements such as deer antler velvet can exploit potential customer’s lack of awareness about the different products of this time on the market. In this scenario, it is important for the customer to research the product to settle on the best deer antler velvet for them.

No maker would ever guarantee substandard items are being put forward, it is only when the shopper discovers that they are not profiting from the supplement that problems begin. It is normal for organisations of such items as supplements, may incorporate fillers, added substances and additives to trade off for the absence of pure antler extract available to the producer.

Studies of deer antler velvet results have shown that numerous organisations incorporate fifty to one hundred grams of the primary element that they are claiming to sell, whilst mixing it with fillers to make up the rest of the five-hundred grams being sold to the consumer.

Despite this, it is possible that purchasers will have the capacity to infer that the customer will fully benefit from this substandard product sold to them. Because of this, it becomes increasingly important that you research and find the best brand and product that performs with the best deer antler velvet results.

Deer Antler Velvet for The Mind

Do you have trouble focusing? Do you seem to forget things that you should remember or even get a mental fog when trying to solve a problem? Many people have these problems due to the everyday stress and daily hassles that our lifestyles bring us as well as from the results of aging. That doesn't mean that you have to live with these conditions. There are many supplements such as deer antler velvet that can improve your mental capacity.

Most people have never heard of deer antler velvet supplements, however many have heard of other mind enhancing supplements such as ginseng, gingko biloba and omega 3 fatty acids. It is surprising because deer antler velvet results have shown correlations that support that deer antler can help with improving our mood, mental health, and mental capacity.

How Is It Made?

Deer antler velvet is the calcified outside of deer antler, which is dried and ground up in powder form. This has been used in eastern countries for thousands of years for its amazing health benefits. It has been shown that it has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-cancer properties, helps with libido, and significantly improves your mental performance and health.

The supplement, through deer antler velvet antler results, has been showing to have blood building effects and stimulates circulation throughout your body. As you know, circulation is very important when it comes to making sure your organs are functioning to its maximum capacity. As a result, more blood will flow to your brain and you will notice that you are sharper, improve your mood, and also be less prone to stress or other mental blocks.

It's said that deer antler velvet contains IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) which is the characteristic that has made supplements like HGH popular. IGF-1, which is found naturally in the human liver, allows your body to use more blood sugar more effectively leading to more energy and improved health. Despite the supplement being a traditional Chinese medicine, it is virtually unheard of within the Western market. The extraction of deer antler velvet is painless for the deer, leading to it being known as one of nature’s secret supplements.


You can buy deer antler velvet in herbal medicine stores or online. It is sold as a pill, powder, or as a spray. Herbal medicine stores sell it in slices where you can brew it as tea and drink it for the health properties, which can be more convenient for those with an active and full life.

It may not be the cheapest of supplements, it has been proven to improve health for people that have taken it. Many deer antler velvet results have shown improved mental capacity, clarity and memory for many people, it is a high quality supplement with many benefits of use. 

​Deer Antler Supplement Review

Deer antler supplement reviews show that deer antler velvet is an effective performance enhancer produced out of the velvet tissue coating that surround the antlers of young deer, elk, caribou and moose. The harvesting of the velvet does not cause any physical pain to the animal, as the product is removed before the cartilage forms into bone. Removal of antlers actually guarantees the security of the creatures and the individuals who care for them.

Deer antler spray is rich in many beneficial nutrients such as; magnesium, mitigating prostaglandins, calcium, zinc and amino acids. Deer velvet supplements are available worldwide today, and generally originate from Australia or Korea where deer are farmed specifically for their velvet.

Deer antler supplement reviews support that it is a 100% regular performance enhancer, which is rich in development improving proteins. The velvet has various wellbeing profits and is a fundamental part of deer antler spray. At the point when ingested, the supplement expands lean muscle size, quality and rapid recovery of any physical injury brought on by strenuous exercise.

How Does It Help Bodybuilders?

Deer antler spray is an incredible supplement for bodybuilders as it serves to support the development hormone, IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor), which invigorates during adolescence by expanding the discharge of HGH. (Human Growth Hormone) This leads to a feedback system where high HGH levels will help the body handle more proteins such as IGF-1 as a way of body improvement. Muscle strands are influenced to get bigger and stronger after IGF-1 sways cells to divide and replicate more rapidly.

The many deer antler supplement reviews found across online platforms describe deer antler spray as an extraordinary dietary supplement for exercise enthusiasts that want to add bulk quickly and safely.

Studies have demonstrated that deer antler extract convey more proteins and other fundamental supplements to the muscles. During a workout, enhanced blood dissemination and upgrading respiratory capacities are beneficial to the user of the product, deer velvet then decreases recuperation time required after a workout. This means that a client can proceed with more regular workout periods.

Additionally, IGF-1 builds digestion system rates, leading to more calorie burning and a larger proportion of weight loss. On account of this property, deer antler supplement reviews have suggested the velvet usage for individuals who need to shed weight effectively.

Deer velvet has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years, however it is fairly new to the modern Western market. It is used not only for its phenomenal bodybuilding properties, but also with competitive athletes seeking a performance edge and those non-athletes who use it for its anti-ageing, overall health and mental health benefit qualities.

Who Uses Deer Velvet Extract?

Today, all kinds of people find huge benefit in this supplement, many older individuals take deer velvet extract for its anti-aging effects. The high concentration of natural IGF-1 in deer velvet brings many benefits that help combat the effects of aging.

Enhanced sexual function is reportedly one of the prime benefits. Sharper cognition, better mood and reduced inflammation are all commonly experienced by people taking these supplements. Deer velvet has a high collagen and mineral content helping promote healthier joints and younger looking skin and hair.

Weight loss is considerably easier with deer velvet supplements because IGF-1 reduces the insulin's ability to transport glucose, forcing the body to switch to body fat as an energy source. Because IGF-1 prevents low calorie intake from burning muscle along with fat, dieting can be more effective when using deer velvet supplements.

Deer antler velvet is also popular with people experiencing sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction and low libido. Deer antler velvet increases the blood's ability to transport oxygen, supporting stronger erections and enhancing sensations during sex. This means that deer velvet spray is a popular alternative natural treatment to prescription ED drugs on the market.

How Do Athletes Benefit From Using Deer Velvet Extract?

hletes have a strong need for physical support, especially for muscle growth and recovery as they tend to be involved with strenuous exercise regimes. Deer antler velvet extract provides this in several ways. The higher testosterone levels reported by deer antler supplement reviews allows athletes to recover more quickly from workouts and build more muscle boosting their performance.

Better oxygenation increases stamina and endurance in all sports, enabling athletes to play with greater intensity. IGF-1 is also involved with the maintenance of tendons and cartilage, deer antler supplement reviews state that this results in athletes having a better range of motion and spending less time recovering from sporting injuries.

Is Deer Antler Extract Backed By Science?

Many studies, particularly in Asia, Russia and New Zealand, have confirmed that the deer antler supplement benefits overall health and can bring many other profits. Following this, one of the most impressive studies, performed in the US showed deer antler supplements as very beneficial to exercise enthusiasts. Scientists gave one group of weightlifters deer velvet extract while another group received a placebo. The group given the real product experienced significant strength increases on their bench press and squat exercises.

Scientists also found that the group taking the extract had increased aerobic capacity throughout athletic activities. Numerous clinical studies from New Zealand (where high-quality Red Deer Antler Velvet is most often sourced) have backed anecdotal reports of impressive muscle and strength gains in users.

The key to obtaining the best benefits, is to purchase a high quality product that has been tested for purity. Deer antler supplement reviews have shown how results may vary greatly across different supplements coming from a range of sellers. Most clinical studies that have shown dramatic effects from antler velvet usage involved dosages of at 100 milligrams of pure antler velvet per serving, which very few supplements meet.

Individuals have been advised to speak to a medical professional to be sure that they can safely use any supplement, including deer antler velvet products. According to popular deer antler spray reviews, you should speak to your physician before using AntlerX or any other supplement, especially if you have any health concerns. 

​What Does Deer Antler Velvet Do?

Deer antler velvet has been used for over 2000 years within Chinese medicine, however, now it is beginning to arise in the modern Western market, many are wondering, “what does deer antler velvet do?”

How Can Deer Antler Velvet Extract Supplement Enhance Performance?

Deer antler extract can benefit almost any person of any age, it is now available in various forms for convenient and effective absorption in the body. The velvet antler has over 400 vitamins, mineral and other nutrients that target the overall well-being of the human body. Deer antler velvet supplements are now one of the main natural health products excelling in popularity worldwide. Deer antler velvet can enhance performance by increasing stamina and energy levels within the body.

Where Do They Get The Deer Antler Velvet Extract Supplement?

Surrounding a deers antler is a cartilaginous substance called deer velvet, as the elk’s antlers grow fully, two-thirds of its height will be cut off, causing no harm to the animal, and then dried under the sun. This allows manufacturers to powder and derive concentrated amounts of the deer velvet for easy ingestion. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the velvet antler has specific benefits depending on the section it is harvested from.

The top section or the tip of the antler, there are minerals and vitamins good for preventive supplement. The middle section is know to be good for osteoarthritis, fatigue, and varied ailments. The base of the antler has nutrients beneficial for enhancing athletic performance, reproduction and sexual drive. Processing the entire antler is used to make the extract viable in its promotion of general health and wellness, beneficial results shows people who ask the question “what does deer antler velvet do?”, how effective the product can actually be.

Osteoarthritis and Deer Antler Velvet Extract Supplement

People who may benefit from using deer antler velvet supplements include those suffering from arthritis, namely osteoarthritis (also known as joint inflammation). The velvet antler has several nutrients that act as anti-inflammatory agents which can aid sufferers. Studies, conducted by studies wanting to find out what does deer antler velvet do, found that the product is rich in chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which with collagen repair joints and lubricates the cartilage and minimizes inflammation.

This natural supplement also contains prostaglandin, which is an agent responsible for reducing the swelling associated with injury and arthritis. With an 90% absorption rate when taken orally, and combined with chondroitin, pain reduction in sufferers is often shown.

Athletic Performance and Deer Antler Velvet Extract Supplement

Deer antler velvet is a supplement that will improve your energy and stamina without worrying about failing a drug test. IGF-1 present in this supplement that is beneficial for muscle growth and development, it helps with quick recovery from strenuous activities, reduced recovery time between workouts, and increases energy levels, leading to deer antler velvet being a preferred natural supplement amongst athletes. Deer antler velvet extracts have given athletes similar results to using anabolic steroids and Human Growth Hormone, without the danger of regular injections and serious or unpredictable side effects.

The consumption of the deer antler velvet extract supplement will benefit you in many ways. This natural supplement has been tried and tested, repeatedly amazing people at how the deer antler is truly life-changing. The deer antler velvet is second to ginseng in providing therapeutic benefits in traditional Chinese medicine, its benefits have already been widely known for several centuries, and now, its fame is spreading throughout the globe.

What Is Antler Velvet Extract?

Many people ask “what is antler velvet?” and, “what does deer antler velvet do?”. The velvet antler is the cartilaginous antler harvested during the pre-calcified stage of deer antler growth, ⅔ of the antler will be removed of its full grown size, in doing this, further calcification is prevented. Afterwards, the antler is dried, then powdered and made into an extract. The extract comes from elk or red deer, living in places such as New Zealand or America, when the antlers rapidly grow from March until July.

The antler velvet has been used in many health maintenance concoctions and remedies. It has several vitamins and minerals that can help boost stamina, reduce inflammation, and treat other ailments, example of the beneficial materials within the deer antler velvet include;

●Glucosamine sulfate - anti-inflammatory, building block of cartilage

●Chondroitin sulfate - attracts fluid into the proteoglycan and supports the cartilage with enzymes

●Monoamine-Oxidase Inhibitors - enhances mood

●Prostaglandin - anti-inflammatory

●Selenium - lessens infections and supports the heart, liver, blood cells, and lungs

●Bone morphogenetic protein - speeds bone growth

●Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) - aids in cell development within the cartilage

Studies have found significant evidence that the velvet antler is also a potent substance for enhancing vitality, increased immune function, cardiovascular health, and slowing premature aging.

Therapeutic Benefits of Deer Velvet Extract

Plenty of research has been conducted to study the uses and benefits of using deer velvet extract, teaching people what deer antler velvet can do for the human body. Recent research has found that the antler velvet consists of several compounds that stimulate the immune system, help anti-inflammatory agents, and enhance growth. This is because the extract can boost blood cell count leading to even more profits a person using the supplement can receive. Other therapeutic benefits of using the velvet antler extract include;

●Addresses issues of high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, and fatigue.

●Increases level of estrogen and testosterone, thereby enhancing sexual drive, sexual function and interest in sexual activity.

●If used with an herbal combination, it can improve athletic performance and enhance hearing and eyesight.

Lastly, the use of antler velvet extract as a natural supplement can provide health benefits for children and adults. In comparison to prescription drugs, anabolic steroids and the use of HGH to improve stamina and lean muscle mass, there are lower chances of experiencing side effects when using antler velvet.

With antler velvet, you will be surprised at how your energy increases and health improves. Doing research into this deer velvet supplement can show you how phenomenal this product can be for you. Instead of asking, “what does deer antler velvet do?”, find out for yourself the profits that can be accessed.