​What Is Deer Velvet Antler Spray and How Does It Work?

Deer velvet spray, or the substance extracted from the surface of deer antlers, has been reported to have several healing effects. Aside from deer, the velvet can also be harvested from the antler fuzz of growing moose, elk, and caribou. To extract substance, the antlers are removed from the animal before they turn into solid bone. The animals are not harmed in the process, making it an acceptable practice in countries like New Zealand, Korea and Australia, where most deer velvet spray or dietary supplement comes from.

The effects of deer velvet spray came to light when claims that Super Bowl athlete, Ray Lewis, used it to recover from a triceps injury. According to a report by USA Today, the rumor started when an owner of an alternative medicine spoke to Sports Illustrated and revealed that the athlete tried to obtain a banned substance, which was identified as deer antler spray.

“It’s a joke if you know me. I tell [teammates&91; all the time: ‘Don’t let people from the outside ever try to disturb what’s inside.’ That’s the trick of the devil. The trick of the devil is to kill, steal, and destroy. That’s what he comes to do. He comes to distract you from everything you’re trying to do,” strongly denied Lewis during a news conference at the Ravens’ team hotel in January 2013.

While Lewis denied the claim, the public curiosity still piqued. The NFL also banned its use because it is known to increase strength and boost muscle recovery. Deer velvet spray is said to contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, amino acids, and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. The natural supplement is an “insulin-like” growth hormone called IGF-1, which can repair cartilage damage and increase muscle mass and strength. The extract can be taken in spray, capsule, or drop form.

According to a report by National Geographic, early research stat that IGF-1 could be effective in healing cartilage and tendon injuries. Orthopedic surgeon and founder of New York Bone & Joint in Manhattan, Leon Popovitz supports this claim. In a recent study, Popovitz added that ingesting IGF-1 supplements is linked to improving cartilage damage in joints due to repetitive trauma, the kind of activity that athletes experience. Even with these studies, deer antler spray is still unapproved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and remains as an unregulated natural supplement.

Aside from muscle strength and repair, deer velvet spray is known to carry certain benefits not only for men, but for women too.

Deer Antler Velvet Spray’s Effect on Men and Women

The substance-rich composition of this natural supplement has been proven through studies conducted in many countries, IGF-1 has been proven to yield health and beauty effects. While those who take deer velvet spray have little knowledge about what the extract can do, users are still interested to try and see what it can do to their overall health.

One of the known healing effects of deer velvet spray is its role in fixing slow metabolism and reducing body mass index, which can be beneficial for overweight individuals. A man experiencing both problems could have a choice to take separate supplements or medication for each, but deer antler spray provides a single, complete supplement that could resolve all problems. This could also save money, and a regular dose of the supplement could give any user “bonus effects,” such as muscle repair and a better stamina in bed.

For women, deer velvet spray is known to aid in conditions involving hormones and fertility. According to a research by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6.7 million women aged 15 to 44 suffer from infertility. The most common cause of infertility is polycystic ovaries and an overproduction of androgen, a male hormone that women produce as well. A regular dose of deer velvet spray could be a solution to this problem, and it could be cheaper compared to medical procedures that could cost thousands of dollars. In China, deer velvet spray has been used for years to help couples conceive children.

Deer Antler Velvet Spray’s Effect on Health and Growth

According to reports, deer antler spray is known to lower blood pressure and promote blood circulation. This enables the body to bring enough oxygen to different organs. Deer antler velvet also strengthens the entire cardiovascular system, lessening the chances of getting heart attacks and other ailments related to it. Its benefits to the cardiovascular system are connected to its ability to cure erectile dysfunction by clearing veins and nerves in the reproductive system.

Deer velvet spray also helps the body adapt easily to external stressors as it strengthens the immune system. To prevent illnesses, it is vital for the body to adapt to the many environmental changes happening. Deer antler spray is a natural adaptogen that strengthens the body and makes it flexible to external factors. Deer antler velvet could work well for those who suddenly need to be overseas, as changes in weather and surrounding could cause many kinds of diseases.

Another benefit of deer antler velvet spray is its effects on the brain. Deer velvet enables neurotransmitters to exist for longer periods of time, thus enhancing the memory and improves the overall mood. It also extracts fuels to the brain so that it becomes more responsive.

One of the most promising benefits of deer antler spray is its aid for people with short statures. A report stated that IGF-1 has shown promise for being the cure for children with stunted growth and people with dwarfism.

Deer Antler Velvet Spray’s Role on Better Athletic Performances

Perhaps the most popular benefit for deer velvet spray is its ability to enhance athletic performance. Its link to increased muscle strength and its image as a performance enhancer are the reason why the National Football League banned its use. However, Leon Popovitz believe that Ray Lewis did not do anything wrong, in case he did use deer antler velvet spray to heal his injury.

“Looking to improve his recovery, I don’t think he’s necessarily doing anything wrong,” said Popovitz to National Geographic, adding that those who wish to use deer antler spray should be mindful that “professional athletes are not typical athletes.”

As for normal dosages, Popovits advised the average Joe to be careful when using the extract.

“It’s a little too soon to be rushing to use it,” advised the doctor. 

What Does Deer Antler Spray Do?

The performance enhancing effects of deer antler spray has been reported in several instances in the sports world. NFL star, Ray Lewis, has been accused to use this natural supplement to fasten the curing process of his tricep injury in 2013. While Lewis denied the allegation, one famous athlete admitted to use deer antler spray. 

Vijay Singh, a Hall of Fame golfer, said that he used the substance without knowing that it has been banned in the PGA. According to a report by ESPN, Singh paid a whopping $9,000 in November 2012 to a company called Sports With Alternatives To Steroids, (SWATS), to obtain the substance. Sports Illustrated quoted the athlete that he was using it on a regular basis: “every couple of hours, every day,” said Singh, to be exact.

So What Makes Deer Antler Spray Highly Attractive To Sports Stars?

Deer antler spray, or the fuzz harvested from the antlers of growing deer, elk, moose, and caribou, is said to improve and fasten muscle growth because of a substance called IGF-1. IGF-1 is an insulin-like growth factor that has an important role in children’s growth and continues to have anabolic effects in adults. IGF-1 is used to treat growth failure and stunts, and it contains 70 amino acids in a single chain with three intramolecular disulfide bridges. During the time of his regular use, Singh perceived deer antler spray as a “natural, anabolic hormone that stimulates muscle growth.

“While I have used deer-antler spray, at no time I was aware that it may contain a substance that is banned under the PGA Tour Anti-Doping Policy. In fact, when I first received the product, I reviewed the list of ingredients and did not see any prohibited substances,” said Singh in a statement released by the PGA Tour, as reported by ESPN.

Athletes use deer antler spray by oral ingestion: the substance is sprayed under the tongue for several times a day. Christopher Key, the owner of SWATS, said in a separate report by ESPN that he taught five players from the 2012 championship team of the University of Alabama how to use deer antler spray.

“I showed them how to use it,” said the SWAT co-owner to ESPN reporter, Joe Schad. Key added that around 20 players bought deer antler spray at a hotel room in New Orleans before a BCS national championship game against Louisiana State University. Key further revealed that 20 more bottles were sold to more players at the home of an Alabama player 10 days before the game.

Sports Illustrated first reported the communication between SWATS and several other SEC Programs. The story released by SI revealed that Key filmed a deer antler sales pitch to a group of Alabama players two days before the 2012 championship match in New Orleans. The story named former Crimson Tide defensive lineman Quinton Dial, and current players Alex Watkins and Adrian Hubbard to be present in the sales pitch. Watkins even made a video testimonial for SWATS for its YouTube channel, while Hubbard was filmed in the room admitting he had used deer antler spray.

“Nothing we offer them will make them fail a drug test. This will make you heal faster. This will give you nutrients. There have been many clinical studies,” confidently said Keys about the healing and health effects of deer antler spray.“They want to win. After the games they said they couldn’t believe how they weren’t tired and how much energy they had,” further revealed the SWATS owner, describing how the athletes felt after orally ingesting deer antler spray.

With all of these success stories and claims, how exactly does deer antler spray work in the body and how is it obtained from the animals? Keys explained the process to Sports Illustrated, using the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as a way to begin his description of the process and effects of deer antler spray.

“You’re familiar with HGH, correct? It’s converted in the liver to IGF-1. IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor, is a natural, anabolic hormone that stimulates muscle growth. We have deer that we harvest out of New Zealand. Their antlers are the fastest-growing substance on planet Earth… because of the high concentration of IGF-1,” explained Key. Countries such as Japan, Russia, and Korea have been using the substance for several studies, making the supplement more attractive to users all around the globe.

“We’ve been able to freeze dry that out, extract it, put it n a sublingual spray that you shake for 20 seconds and then spray three times under your tongue. This stuff has been around for almost 1,000 years, this is stuff from the Chinese,” continued Key.

True enough, Key’s claim is backed by history. The Chinese is known to use the extract of deer antlers to stimulate sexual activity and to aid in infertility for both men and women. There are actual recorded prescriptions from the Chinese ancient and modern times for antler extract, as it was proven to be an effective cure for many diseases.

Aside from providing a natural solution to infertility, deer antler extract is believed to narrow the amplitude of a heart contraction, resulting in peripheral vasolidation and a lower high blood pressure. Moderate doses of antler extract can also significantly enhance the activity of an isolated heart and increase cardiac output. The substance has anti-lipid peroxidation and an anti-stress effect, explaining why the football players did not feel tired after a repetitive physical trauma from the games.

Because of its effects, Business Insider reported that a huge number of professional athletes believe in the muscle gaining and healing power of deer antler extract, as it can be used as a “steroid alternative.” A representative from another maker of deer antler extract supplements, Nutronics Labs, told Business Insider that 40 percent of MLB and NFL players buy their products. Another manufacturer revealed to the LA Times that hundreds of athletes from both leagues use deer antler spray. Additionally, NFL players who were interviewed by believe that 10 to 20 percent of players use deer antler spray to boost energy and enhance their performance on the field. 

​Deer Antler Velvet Spray: A Guided Look into the Myth


A couple of years ago, the deer antler velvet extract made a buzz throughout the sporting world. A Sports Illustrated article, which has been taken down, reported that several professional athletes are using commercial product derivatives of the aforementioned extract. The list of names included popular golf celebrity Vijay Singh, but the story, which was published prior to the Super Bowl Weekend 2013, got sensationalized due to the inclusion of Ray Lewis, who was then the Baltimore Ravens linebacker.

The sports-oriented publication alleged that the former NFL player used the product in order to recover from a torn triceps injury, which he sustained a year before. Lewis, however, denied the use and attempts of acquiring it.

Deer antler, then, was on the NFL’s list of banned substances because it included IGF-1, which didn’t sit well with the NFL due to its performance enhancing properties. However, a few months later, WADA (World Anti-Doping Authority) lifted the ban on deer antler extracts that mostly came in the form of sprays. The anti-doping organization stated that the tests they have made were inconclusive. WADA also specified that it ban the substances and not the products.

Were Deer Killed to have the Antlers Harvested?

Unlike other popular traditional medicines and aphrodisiacs, like shark’s fin, the deer are not killed in order to collect the velvet, which naturally envelopes a growing antler. In New Zealand, the largest exporter of deer antler, deer are farmed. The country has over 2,800 farmers that own roughly 1.1 million from which the antlers are harvested. China, the U.S. and South Korea are the three top destinations for the antlers.

The Chinese have long considered deer antler as one of their medicine and as an ingredient for tonics, which they believe can replenish energy, give strength, enhance blood circulation, cure poor vision and remedy aching backs and legs. Koreans are also fond of deer antlers and the medicinal properties that they bring. In fact, South Korea is the world’s biggest consumer for deer antlers.

What is the Antler Velvet Made of?

A study published by the National Institute of Health explored the mechanisms that govern a deer antler’s regenerative properties. It stated that deer antlers are the only appendages, among mammals, which is capable of multiple regeneration cycles. It was observed that even after 200 rounds of regeneration, the cells are still not stressed. An article on National Geographic explains that this is due to IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which is a growth hormone. The antler velvet contains a lot of it.

Growth hormones regulate the body’s growth. Both the brain and liver produce them. It should be noted that the production peaks at puberty and slowly declines as the body matures. The lack of these hormones can lead to underdeveloped organs and in some cases, dwarfism. Excess production of growth hormones, however, can lead to a type of gigantism known as acromegaly.

The rapid decline of growth hormones in the body starts at the late twenties and early thirties. Once a person reaches 60 to 70 years of age, the body produces just a portion of the needed growth hormones in order to maintain optimal organ function and hence, we observe blurry eyes and forgetfulness, which are very characteristic of what we know as aging.

The introduction of IGF-1 during these stages promotes cell regeneration, which revitalizes the body. A 2010 study that is posted on the National Institute of Health’s portal highlighted the IGF-1’s effect on elderly men (65 to 75 years old). Two groups, a control group that was on a placebo and a test group, which were on IGF-1, were formed out of the 43 men who participated. After 24 weeks of a set IGF-1 dosage, which was administered daily, the men were observed to have improved muscular strength compared to a control group that was on a placebo. Better mood and less anxiety were also observed among the test group.

How Does it Apply to the Real World?

According to its profile on WebMD, deer antler velvet can promote strength by building muscle mass, improve endurance, alleviate stress, pave the way for a better immune system and enhance growth, as well as recovery. It also suggests that the Chinese were right in their assessment of deer antler’s potential on lowering cholesterol levels, maintaining an optimal blood pressure and remedy migraine through better blood circulations. Asthma, muscle pains, osteoporosis and skin ulcers can also be addressed.

The deer antler velvet helps the internal organs like the kidney, liver and bladder function better. Considering its effects on growth, the applications as an aphrodisiac does not come as a surprise. It helps in the production of estrogen and testosterone, which are sex hormones for women and men, respectively. Thus, it improves sexual performance and fertility while increasing the appetite for an intercourse. Experts also report that it acts as a catalyst in hormone replacement, which reduces the amount of estrogen needed.

Deer antler velvet extract is also applicable for children who suffer from a low count of growth hormones, which causes stunted physical and mental growth. This is usually caused by an anomaly in the pituitary gland, which is supposed to signal the production of growth hormones. The IGF-1 found in deer antler can remedy this by directly stimulating each organ’s growth - the main reason why it can produce results faster than most HGH product variants out in the market.

The Bottom Line

Deer antler velvet sprays have long been implemented in several Oriental cultures before it came to the West. Together with several scientific studies conducted, this fact puts weight on the velvet’s value. One can argue that there are several medications that can be prescribed for the medical conditions addressed by IGF-1. What cannot be replaced, however, is the better quality of life it offers.

The main reason that people become hesitant to try it out is the misconception that it can cause cancer. IGF-1 does not cause cancer and but if cancer is already present, it is not advisable to use it. Note that IGF-1 promotes growth and cell reproduction, something that can stimulate cancer cells to spread faster. Thus, it is always important to get a medical guidance before taking in anything.

As with anything, however, the real danger is the excessive use. Even the sweetest of cakes can have the bitterest ends if intake is not controlled. Moderation is always the key.

​List of 5 Best Deer Antler Spray and Supplements

A lot of people are searching for the best deer antler spray that contains a variety of health improving substances. Not only is this growth-hormone inducing supplement a highly sought-after product amongst athletes and sports enthusiasts, but is now becoming more popular to regular people. Its multiple attributes that support the improvement of human health in general is the reason why deer antler velvet is now in demand in different countries around the world.

From being a significant part of Chinese traditional medicine two thousand years ago, to taking part in promoting and maintaining better muscular built among Russian athletes in the 1980s, the use of deer antler spray has been developed into a health supplement in the form of oral sprays. This makes it easier to benefit from the actual extract, and therefore gives more people the opportunity to experience its positive health effects.

However, with its rise in fame comes the interest of an increasing number of manufacturers who want to make money out of deer antler velvet. Many of them claim that they sell the best deer antler spray in the market, making it difficult for consumers to decide on which brand to purchase. Because it is intended for internal use via spraying on your mouth before swallowing, it is fundamental to choose only the most trusted brand in terms of health supplements such as antler velvet sprays.

Then again, sometimes, having a checklist of the factors to look for in health supplements based on what is regularly placed on their ads may be superficial and ineffective. The best indication of a reputable brand is receiving a good review from its users, among others.

Here is a short list of the 5 best deer antler spray today to avoid substandard and second-rate products (and their byproducts) in your body.

1. BioAntler Deer Antler Spray


Receiving a five out of five rating from most of its consumers, BioAntler is a strong deer antler velvet extract liquid formula that is made of all-natural ingredients, mainly deer antler extract. Each serving contains 250mg of the powerful extract that, in turn, has the controversial IGF-1 (insulin growth factor – 1) that supports the production of human growth hormones in the body.

Additionally, it is a good source of the most vital minerals, amino acids, and mental health improving substances that all come from natural deer antler extract.

The proprietary BioAntler formula was created after years of deep research, using components with only the best harvests of antler velvet that are done at its most nutrient-rich period. While the exact formulation is top-secret, BioAntler’s main ingredients are deer antler velvet extract, horny goat weed, L-Arginine, tongkat ali root extract and tribulus terrestris extract.

2. The IGF-1 Protocol

e IGF-1 Protocol, also a five-star rated deer antler spray brand, focuses on the anti-aging attributes of the extract in its ads. Made by Synergistic Nutritional Compounds, this brand comes with a 90-day money back guarantee for all its users. There’s absolutely no better option when it comes to buying supplements that need to be proven by actually taking the said product and seeing for yourself whether it does work or not.

Apart from containing the popular deer antler velvet extract, this brand features Mucuna Pruriens Seed that has L-Dopa, which enhances the production of dopamine, and enhances your sexual performance further. Its formula also has Epimedium, the whole herb, which is originally known to aid in correcting erectile dysfunction. The said ingredient minimizes the production of estrogen, promotes good blood flow and lowers blood pressure for a better and more potent sex drive. Longjack extract is present in its formula as well.

The source plant is naturally grown in Asia, which is traditionally used to increase one’s libido levels, and promotes the speedy recovery of torn ligaments, tendons, and muscles after rigorous physical activities and workouts. In total, this brand’s version of the best deer antler spray makes use of 10 natural, powerful ingredients that help support health improvement.

3. ANS Fitness DVS Liquiform

ne of the most preferred qualities of the DVS Liquiform is its exceptional dosing option. Using a dropper, this brand is technically not an oral spray, but is considered as one of the best deer antler supplements in the market today. It can be mixed with any type of beverage to stimulate the invigorating effects of working out. Athletes and non-athletes love the fact that they can take their daily dose of DVS Liquiform with their favorite drinks. Each bottle containing 6.5 fl oz of the formula costs 54 USD to 70 USD online. Each serving also contains 250 mg of pure deer antler velvet extract.

4. Vitalikor Deer Antler Velvet Extract

his brand, manufactured by Vitalikor, is purely made of antler velvet extract concentrate that comes in capsule form. Each capsule contains 750mg of extract, with a recommended dose of 1500 mg per day to provide sufficient support for endurance, strength, fast recovery from illnesses.

The catch is that, unlike, sprays, capsule-form velvet extract supplements are not as convenient to use. For busy people, spraying a dose is much easier than taking a capsule with water or any other liquid—possibly the reason behind a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating for this brand. Nonetheless, this brand is sold at a relatively lesser price (more or less $32.95 per 2 oz of capsules).

5. Now IGF-1 Extreme

Enhanced with vitamin B-12, the Now IGF-1 Extreme is one of the most bought, therefore best deer antler spray, today. It boasts of extra strong extract that comes in the form of a liposomal spray that is easily absorbed by the body. Each 2 fl oz bottle can be bought for $32.95 online.

There are many other brands that provide a wide array of options for those who are seeking to try out and prove the many health benefits of deer antler velvet extract. The ones mentioned above are reviewed according to their ingredients, customer ratings, and their primary features. In the end, the best deer antler spray still depends on the user’s personal preferences that should match the brand of their choice.

​7 Things You Should Check Before Purchasing that Deer Antler for Sale

The hype in the use and consumption of the controversial deer antler extract has led to the flood of deer antler for sale ads both online and offline. While the health benefits of the said supplement has been upheld by customer reviews and historical evidence of its use in China and Russia for a very long time now, there is danger in purchasing the first deer antler spray that you find. There are a lot of brands that are claiming to bring about the benefits that the real extract has.

Some fraudulent companies take advantage of the fact that more people are now health conscious and eager to try the supplement by selling fake products. These products, when taken internally by capsule, drops, or oral spray, can be very hazardous to your health.

Consumers should be well aware of the pros and cons of taking particular health supplements before they plan to purchase their first bottle. Even more, they should know what to check out in a product to make sure it is authentic, and not some phony and harmful imitation products that declare false benefits.

The reason for this is quite alarming. Despite the FDA banning unhealthy substances from being sold in the market (such as Viagra, steroids, and the like), they are still being sold (and purchased) at a large scale in different parts of the world.

Not a year has passed since they have been banned, the said banned products have made their return due to two main reasons: (1) manufacturers are eager to sell them to make more money even if it means risking the health of their consumers, and (2) consumers are continuously purchasing the product in spite of the warnings and proven hazards that the products may cause. Sadly, this includes a big part of the deer antler for sales ads that you see today.

To clear things out, deer antler velvet sprays are banned IN SPORTS ASSOCIATIONS such as the NBA, NFL, and MBL due to its characteristics and abilities that support fast growth and recovery among its consumers. However, the supplement has been cleared of illicit substances and is totally legal in all parts of the United States. It is also widely and legally used in many countries outside the US.

So to avoid buying fake and ineffective ones, here is a quick guide on the 7 things that you should check before purchasing that deer antler for sale you just saw.

1. Choose the Store from where you will Buy your Supplement.

Do not just purchase from some unknown seller online. Food and health supplements that are FDA approved, or at least genuine and safe, are sold at reputable stores and pharmacies, and it is best to get your share from one of those. These stores are better at abiding to regulations, including bans on fake and unlicensed products. Some sellers are too slow to pull out recalled items, which you may wrongly buy and use. Better be sure than sorry!

2. Look for Warning Labels.

Warning labels on products that contain iron should be complete and consistent. They should tell if the product is safe to use for pregnant and nursing women, may interfere with prescription drugs, or trigger medical conditions.

Moreover, since deer antler velvet sprays and supplements are not medications, and are thus not prescribed by medical practitioners to treat illnesses, they should not claim anything beyond what they truly bear.

A health supplement that “helps neutralize blood pressure” should not be advertised as treatment for high blood pressure. It should also say whether it is safe to use with OTC or prescription medicine, and should state the limits on consumption for those who are simultaneously taking other medications.

3. Check Out the Ingredients.


Many ads on deer antler for sale focus on the supposed benefits that are attributed to the use of their products. In many cases, there is an overuse of idioms and unproven claims where consumers are easily attracted to.

When looking for a supplement for whatever purpose it may serve, including deer antler velvet extract for fast muscle build up, it is important to check out its ingredients to avoid allergies, synthetic materials, and harmful substances that may cost you your life instead of making you healthier.

4. Do not purchase the product if you see harmful substances such as bitter orange, chromium, kava, and L-tryptophan.

These substances, which are often found in supplements, are responsible for damaging different internal organs including the heart, liver, brain, and kidney.

5. Look for a USP Certified/Verified Mark.

The presence of such mark indicates that the amount of every ingredient present in the actual product corresponds to what is stated on the label, and is safe to ingest because it does not contain hazardous amounts of contaminants. US Pharmacopeia is a nonprofit organization that sets the standards to say whether a food or health supplement is acceptable and approved to be sold or not.

6. Synthetic Multivitamin Additives are a no-no.

Apart from being declared non-dietary by the FDA, synthetic additives are commonly known to have negative side effects that revoke the primary reason why you are buying the product in the first place. There are plenty of deer antler velvet supplements that contain pure extract, while some include other natural ingredients. Others, however, have artificial ingredients mixed with the extract so watch out.

7. Do a Research to Know each Product’s Reputation, and Consult your Physician

Products and brands known to many consumers will have online reviews available for reading. Do a research on the brands that you’re eyeing on and see if their customers are satisfied. If you cannot find a review on a certain brand, consult your physician to know whether it is advisable for you to take it vis-à-vis your health and medical condition.

As you follow these guidelines in purchasing a product, be aware that the best results come with buying the most effective deer antler for sale is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle—from eating healthy food to exercising regularly and keeping a positive outlook each day.

​Velvet Deer Antler: Things You Should Know About the Extract

Velvet deer antler extract is a popular health supplement that is used to support various improvements on the human body. Its use dates back to two thousand years ago as a Chinese traditional medicine that is ingested to treat different illnesses. Back in the 1980s, a Russian research on the effectiveness of the extract in stimulating fast muscle build-up among athletes was done, garnering truly positive results when Russia overtook its biggest competitor in the next Olympics due to better stamina and strength developed by the Russian athletes.

At present, more and more people are taking the extract in the various forms as a supplement that stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormones, and thus enables the body to repair damaged tissues faster. Despite being banned in certain sports associations, the use of velvet deer antler extract remains legal for non-professional athletes.

In recent years, there have been controversies involving international and professional athletes who allegedly use the substance even when it is prohibited by their rules. The said athletes have constantly denied the allegations, but what exactly was the reason for the ban?

Experts say that athletes who take the extract, which is essentially made of IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor-1, are at risk of taking too much of the substance (because they are, most often than not, addicted to growing their muscles, strengthening their bodies, and increasing their stamina) that, in turn, can cause hazardous medical conditions such the brittleness of the tendons. However, the warning serves as a proof, at the same time, that the substance or extract is indeed effective in enhancing the physical capabilities of the human body through inducing the production of more growth hormones.

What is it Made of?

Deer antler velvet extract is made of a certain part of male deer antlers. Harvesters and deer farmers call it the tip of the deer antler, which at a certain stage is soft and covered by velvety fuzz. Deer are amazing animals that have the unique ability to regrow their antlers regularly. It is said that they are not feel any harm whenever the antler velvet tips are harvested at the most suitable time.

With the increase in the production of velvet deer antler supplements, the production and export of deer velvet is likewise growing in different parts of the world. One of the leading exporters of the said products is New Zealand, responsible for supplying sufficient deer velvet in Asia and the United States. Velvet extract is taken from different antlers, but it is believed and seen through actual effects, that deer antler extracts are the most effective. The substance is now sold as oral sprays, capsules, and tincture or concentrate drops without the need for prescription.

What Does it Contain?

Deer are able to regenerate their antlers using a number of natural substances that are released by its body. The antlers, which have been seen to have the astonishing health benefits when harvested at their “unripe” stage, are extracted using hazard-free substances, such as alcohol. The extract contains natural IGF-1, a most-wanted substance among athletes and health conscious individuals, and many other substances that support the improvement of the human body.

It also has collagen, prostaglandins, a good share of amino acids, and a number of minerals that are essential in maintaining a healthy mind and physique.

What Does it do to the Body?

In the most straightforward sense, the velvet deer antler extract stimulates HGH production in the body. It lets the body renew its cells in a faster way. When used correctly with the proper diet and sufficient exercise, you will be able to shred off more fats and build more muscles quicker, recover from stress and illnesses faster, and fight external contributors to physical and mental stress. The extract is also known to have long term anti-ageing effects and an ability to make your body more flexible to stressors, thus being called a natural adaptogen. It also helps lower blood pressure and improves mental agility.

Is it Legal to Use for Non-professional Athletes?

Synthetic IGF-1 is illegal. Natural substances that have similar effects on Human Growth Hormones are totally allowed.

What are the Precautions When Taking it?

As a supplement, the deer velvet extract is not a prescribed medication. It has not been proven to cure any medical illness despite its significant role in Chinese traditional medicine. For those who are experiencing particular conditions that need attention, the use of supplements should be consulted upon a physician.

When purchasing the extract in oral spray, capsule, or drops form, make sure to buy from a reputable store. Double check the label for warnings and a complete list of ingredients to know whether it is made from natural substances or tainted with illegal synthetic ingredients. Some sellers give a money back guarantee that you can take advantage of to secure your spending.

How Much Should be Taken?

The amount you should take depends on the advised dosage stated on the packaging. To avoid unwanted negative results, it is imperative to follow the instructions in taking the product. Too much of everything can cause damaging effects to the human mind and body.

What are the Side Effects?

There are no known side-effects of the extract, and in practice has not interfered with the use of medically approved and prescribed medications. However, people with allergies should watch out for allergic reactions to the product. An excess of supplements can cause your health to deteriorate instead of being improved. Even when the product is made of all-natural ingredients, overdose can occur and make you ill at degrees depending on the severity of the case.

Isn’t it a Hoax?

Because there is minimal scientific research done on the product, the only way to prove whether the benefits are real is by taking the extract. There have been plenty of false claims regarding a multitude of misleading supplement advantages and their attributes; however, there are also sufficient data to back the effects of using velvet deer antler extract to improve the overall physical and mental capacity of humans.

​Discovering Deer Antler Velvet Bodybuilding Benefits


Among the numerous claims and experience-backed advantages regarding its use as a health supplement, deer antler velvet bodybuilding benefits are the most remarkable. Most people who are enticed to use the said substance, or are actually taking it on a regular basis, are sports enthusiasts and body builders who believe that deer antler velvet has the ability to enhance muscle build-up.

The number of deer antler extract users has increased in the recent past, especially following the involvement of professional athlete Ray Lewis in the alleged use of such substance. Apparently, deer antler velvet is banned in the NBA, NFL, and MLB because of its insulin-like growth factor-1 ingredient that, the associations say, can cause unwanted side effects if taken excessively.

Questions have been raised with regards to the authenticity of these allegations. More than that, more people became interested in what the substance actually does that athletes are continuously getting involved in using it. Some say that Lewis used the extract to recover from an injury more quickly, while others say that the athlete has been using it for a long time to maintain a well-toned physique.

The Beginning of Deer Antler Use

Way before deer antler velvet bodybuilding benefits were discovered, the use of deer antler velvet extract has been practiced some 2000 years ago in Chinese traditional medicine. Just like the use of other extracts from animal parts, deer antler extract was swallowed to alleviate hypertension, body pains, and strengthen the immune system. It was also used as a sexual enhancer.

As time passed, more and more people from different countries learned about the positive effects of taking the extract. In the 80s, the effectiveness of the said substance was tested on Russian athletes who were to participate in the upcoming Olympics. The said athletes were reported to have gained better muscular physiques, stamina, strength, and energy which they used to win numerous games in the said competition.

Today, although there is still too little scientific studies that prove the effects of deer antler extract to the human body, the substance is presently being produced and sold by numerous companies within and outside the US. There is a rise in the number of deer antler velvet producers all over the world, as well.

Capsules, drops, and oral sprays are among the many products being sold with deer antler extract today, used to help maintain a leaner and more muscular body, neutralize blood pressure levels, promote mental and physical agility, strengthen the immune system, help the body adjust to environmental stress factors, and fight illnesses and signs of ageing. Out of all that has been mentioned, deer antler velvet bodybuilding benefits are the most sought-after, probably because the substance is often linked to renowned athletes and sports enthusiasts even with its prohibition.

Composition and Advantages for Bodybuilders

Deer antler velvet is composed of a number of substances that are naturally produced and extracted to bring about the most positive effects on human health. Each of its components is contributory to the overall deer antler velvet bodybuilding benefits that most consumers look for. Here is a list of the many beneficial components found in deer antler extract, now often used in the form of oral sprays.

1. Pantocrin helps lighten the mood, stimulates better mental performance

According to clinical studies, the presence of pantocrin in deer velvet extract promotes mental agility and responsiveness. It also stimulates better mood by preventing monoamine neurotransmitters from breaking down; thus, existing for longer periods of time in the overall brain structure. For bodybuilders, having good mental health is essential in achieving goals, performing daily routines, and maintaining a sense of self satisfaction. In many studies, it has been learned that mental conditions directly affect the physical performance of the body and thus should always be in its prime when trying to realize a better physique.

2. Amino acids help fight off diseases and cancer, stimulates red, white blood cell and lymphocyte production

Bodybuilders who invest in their bodies should well know that their immune systems are in-charge when it comes to fighting off diseases. It is an obvious fact that bodybuilding enthusiasts should stay healthy and away from illnesses in order to maintain their built. Deer antler extract has amino acids that strengthen the immune system and stimulates the production of red and white blood cells, and lymphocytes to prevent infections and serious conditions such as cancer.

3. Polysaccharides aid improving blood circulation, lower blood pressure

In order to attain their goals, bodybuilders should have good blood circulation that is the key to sufficient oxygen distribution. Enough oxygen in the body helps in breaking down fats and replacing them with lean muscles. Likewise, strenuous physical activities may not be done with hypertension, which is why this particular component and attribute of deer antler velvet is fundamental to bodybuilders.

4. Glycosaminoglycans promote stronger cartilage and bones, help prevent osteoarthritis

The lack of glycosaminoglycans in the human body is believed to be the cause of insufficient cartilage regeneration in osteoarthritis patients. Aside from containing the said substance, deer velvet extract also has Chondroitin sulfate, which in simple terms, are responsible for creating and protecting cushion joints—a crucial deer antler velvet bodybuilding benefit that should be recognized.

5. IGF-1, IGF-2, EGF supports fast cell repair, better athletic abilities, stronger muscles, better stamina, higher endurance, and faster recovery from injuries

IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) and IGF-2 (insulin-like growth factor-2) helps in stimulating cell growth in the human body. EGF, or epidermal growth factor, on the other hand, binds to EGFR in order to promote cell growth and multiplication. All three are present in deer antler velvet.

Last but not the least, the presence of IGF-1, IGF-2, and EGF in the popular extract tops off the list of deer antler velvet bodybuilding advantages because it supports quick injury recovery (from torn muscles and tendons to full medical operations), stronger muscles, higher endurance to pain, and all in all the ability to perform better as an athlete.

​The 10 Top Deer Antler Velvet Benefits

The many deer antler velvet benefits that are continuously rising in popularity are the reason why the supplement is now being sought after by more and more health enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes. Although it is among the list of banned substances in a few sports associations, deer antler velvet spray is even more being patronized by an increasing number of consumers from different parts of the world due to its excellent health benefits.

The Truth in Deer Antler Velvet Based on Evidences

Some people claim that there is minimal scientific evidence that backs the claims, but through years that have passed, research and historical facts prove that there is truth in its positive effects. The first people to use deer antler velvet to treat various ailments are the Chinese, with over 2,000 years of using the extract.

Chinese traditional medicine is known for the use of organic ingredients found in animals, herbs, plants, and trees to cure mild to serious diseases. Over, they have learned to concoct the most effective potions and medicine, and prescribe the right dosage based on their experience. One of the most common ailments for which the extract was used was erectile dysfunction and other fertility and sexual performance issues.

In Russia, a research on the truthfulness in deer antler velvet benefits to athletes (such as the improvement of physical stamina and leaner bodies) was done during the 80s. The result was a big positive, with the athletes gaining more strength and muscles for the next Olympics tournament where they won several titles.

If you are interested in the supplement, chances are, you have some medical condition and are hoping to have it alleviated using the substance. To help decide, here is a list of the top 10 deer antler velvet benefits to human health.

Neutralizes Blood Pressure

For people with hypertension, blood pressure is neutralized using deer velvet without interfering with prescription medicine. Those with normal levels of blood pressure should take caution when taking the extract since it may cause hypotension or low blood pressure on the other hand.

The substance also helps in maintaining good blood circulation. This brings sufficient oxygen to the different parts of the body and therefore allows it to absorb more nutrients from what you eat.

Deer antler velvet has also been seen to lessen the risk of anemia, stroke, blood clots, and other conditions involving the blood and cardiovascular system.

Enables the Body to Recover from Physical Injuries Faster.

Deer antler velvet has IGF-1, IGF-2, EGF, collagen, and many other vital substances that promote faster regeneration and healing of torn ligaments, tendons, muscles, and body parts. Whether it is a sports-related injury or a cut from a major operation, deer antler velvet makes healing time significantly shorter.

Builds the Immune system and Fights Illnesses.

Apart from the growth hormone stimulating substances, the extract also has plenty of minerals that strengthen the immune system. This means lesser infections from bacteria and viruses, and shorter recovery time from illnesses. A study in Russia showed that the amino acids present in the extract improved the mice’s survival rate from cancerous tumors by a remarkable 40 percent. Another similar study in Korea indicated that those treated with synthetic drugs suffered from higher weight loss and more kidney damage.

Promotes Mental Alertness and Good Mood.

Antler velvet has the ability to promote good mood and mental alertness by preventing fundamental neurotransmitters from breaking down, thus being available for a longer period of time to the brain.

Stimulates Quicker Build-up of Muscles from Workouts

The basic dynamics behind bodybuilding is that in order to build more muscles, you need to breakdown smaller ones through rigorous exercises and routines. The substances present in deer antler velvet extract responsible for quick recovery from injuries are also the same substances to which fast muscle buildup is attributed. This is why the extract, in all forms, is most popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes—to keep their bodies toned and in good shape.

Enhances Sexual Performance.

One of the most famous deer antler velvet benefits, its capability to enhance sexual performance and improve libido levels can be attributed to the stimulation of the production of male hormones, inhibit female hormones, and promote blood circulation. It also keeps reproduction organs healthy via its numerous minerals and amino acids.

Promotes Quick Adaptation to Environmental Factors.

Known as a natural adaptogen, the extract basically improves your body’s ability to adjust to environmental factors without doing it any harm. This is very important in today’s modern world since there are plenty of changes happening around that are often the cause of illness.

Helps Treat Infertility and Lessen Post-menopausal effects in Women.

Women are subject to a number of hormonal issues and menstrual aches. Deer antler velvet extract has pantocrine, which has been used for years in Russia and China to treat symptoms of infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, and menopause.

Aids in Strengthening Bones and Cartilages, Fights Osteoarthritis.

Deer have the amazing ability to regenerate their antlers regularly. This is why people are able to harvest their velvet tips for medicinal purposes, among others, without hurting or causing any damage to the animal. The antlers are rich in chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate, which help maintain cartilage and joint strength and functionality. It has been recognized by the FDA in 1999 as a scientifically proven treatment for arthritis.

Fights Signs of Ageing.

Ageing and its signs are credited to a couple of enzymes, which deer antler velvet effectively inhibits. Japan has done recent studies regarding the anti-ageing characteristics of antler velvet from deer, and found out that the extract helped lessen the signs of senility.

Long-term and regular intake of the right dosage will keep the skin more elastic and young-looking—a beauty perk that comes with its many positive effects.

Aside from the abovementioned deer antler velvet benefits, there are many other advantages in using the extract as a health supplement ranging from the absence of unwanted side effects to the availability of the extract in convenient forms.

​The Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet Extract for Men and Women

Deer antler velvet extract has beneficial attributes brought about by its substance-rich composition. It has health and beauty advantages that have been proven through research and studies conducted in countries like Russia, Korea, and Japan. The proven effects of taking the extract has made it more popular all over the world, and an increasing number of people, both men and women, is interested in taking the extract. Some of them do not have an in-depth knowledge on what the extract can do to their particular and overall health conditions, but are equally interested to try.

Since this powerful substance has capabilities that address particular health conditions, it is important for any deer velvet user to know how it can directly affect their health, status, and gender. This way, they can expect to get the right thing, recognize them when they happen, and maximize each one in every way possible.

If a man has been suffering from slow metabolism, an overweight BMI, hypertension, and is at risk of having a heart attack, then knowing that deer antler velvet extract is a complete supplement that will aid in resolving all of his problems. Aside from avoiding expenses on additional, ineffective remedies, a regular dose of the substance will give him a couple of bonuses such as developing a better stamina in or out of bed!

If a woman suffers from extreme menstrual pain and has irregular menstrual cycles, then it is best to check if there is any underlying condition that may be causing this kind of distress. Whether it is because of some fertility issues, then being aware of the specific benefits of deer velvet to women’s health can be very relieving. To make it easier for those who are looking for an effective supplement that is made of natural ingredients, here is a list of what deer antler velvet extract does to the body.

Promotes Faster Healing of Torn Ligaments and Muscles

Everyone wants a leaner body, regardless of his or her gender. Deer velvet supplement, which is made from the extract itself, plays a crucial role in helping you achieve that dream built. All you have to do is take your daily dose of capsules, oral spray, or drops, and do your share of physical exercises, depending on which part of your body you want to emphasize and improve. The extract will help torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments to heal faster, and accumulate into bigger, leaner, and more toned muscles.

Heals Fertility Issues Among Men and Women

Women are unavoidably subject to many challenges involving their hormones and fertility. A lot of women suffer from infertility issues, most of which are caused by polycystic ovaries. The latter is characterized by the growth of multiple small cysts in the ovaries, and the overproduction of androgen, a male hormone that women also produce.

Men, on the other hand, are subject to low sperm counts and erectile dysfunction, which are also common conditions that affect a man’s overall sexual performance. Deer antler velvet has the ability to stimulate the functionality of the reproductive organs and has been used in China for thousands of years to help couples conceive.

Stimulates Better Sexual Performance

Not only does it help treat fertility problems, but also works as a great enhancer to boost libido levels among men and women.

Promotes Good Blood Circulation and Lowers Blood Pressure

The extract is known to lower blood pressure and promote blood circulation, which enables the body to bring sufficient oxygen level to different organs. Deer antler velvet strengthens the whole cardiovascular system and prevents heart attacks, among many others.

This particular attribute is connected to its ability to cure erectile dysfunction and the loss of sexual appetite by clearing veins and nerves in the reproductive system.

Helps The Body to Adapt easily to External Stressors, Builds and Strengthens your Immune System

With too many environmental changes that happen around, it is important that your body easily adapts to external stressors that may cause illnesses. Deer antler velvet acts as a natural adaptogen that makes your body flexible to external factors, and likewise builds your immune system to fight off diseases including cancer. When the body is infected with any type of virus or bacteria, deer velvet also stimulates fast recovery.

Promotes Mental Liveliness and Better Mood, Enhances Your Memory

Whether you are getting a bit forgetful due to ageing, or have been out of focus due to stress, deer velvet extract fuels the mind so that it becomes more responsive. It also enables certain neurotransmitters to exist for longer periods of time so that they become more functional to the whole body, thus enhancing mood and memory capacity.

Strengthens the Bones, Cartilages, Tendons, and Muscles

The positive effects on the skeletal system are one of the most popular benefits of taking deer velvet extract. Because it contains growth hormone inducing substances, collagen, and many other components that contribute to the building and regeneration, strengthening, and preserving of deer antler, the extract has similar effects on human bones, cartilages, tendons, and muscles. It stimulates the quick growth of the latter, and fortifies them so that they are more durable and can endure higher levels of strain.

Encourages Better Athletic Performance

Overall, the extract increases one’s athletic performance by giving extra energy to the body. However, unlike energy drinks and those which you can buy from the grocery store, deer antler velvet has long term effects on physical stamina and endurance that most athletes go after.

This particular benefit has caught the eyes of many athletes, both professional and non-professional, and is one of the many reasons why a lot of them are getting involved in the prohibited use of the extract.

Back in the 80s, the ability of deer antler velvet extract to improve athletic performance was tested and proven in Russian athletes who later on won a significant number of medals at the Olympics after taking the substance for a period of time before the said competitions.

Antler Velvet Health Benefits: Real or Not?

Despite its rise in popularity in the past couple of years, many people still doubt the authenticity of antler velvet’s many health benefits to humans. People often question whether there are sufficient scientific evidences that support the many benefits of the extract being discussed online and offline.

Unknown to most groups and individuals who are doubtful on deer velvet’s effectiveness, there are more than enough research and proof that the substance is indeed beneficial to human health. On the whole, researchers from all over the world who took time to study the efficacy of the substance believe that deer velvet extract acts like a natural adaptogen. In simple terms, it restores balance to any unbalanced part of the body so that it regains strength and capacity to function at its best state.

It is composed of complex chemicals that actively contribute to the body’s general wellbeing and functionality. And unlike synthetic substances that interfere with the body’s natural balance, deer velvet extract has an all-natural composition, making it safe and more effective since it can be absorbed and put into use for the benefit of the whole body.

Historical Background

According to Chinese tradition, deer velvet extract has been used for some 2,000 years already as a vital medicinal substance to cure different ailments. Chinese men used it to enhance their libido levels and sexual performance, in general, with claims that the extract helps enlarge the male reproductive organ. Women also used it to lessen the aches associated with menopause and menstruation. Likewise, females used antler velvet as an effective aphrodisiac and to treat infertility problems, such as polycystic ovaries, irregular periods, and the like.

Deer antler Extract’s Scientifically Proven Composition

Modern scientific studies show that the use of deer velvet in traditional Chinese medicine is, by and large, reasonable due to its rich and healthy composition, which is mainly IGF-1 or insulin like growth factor-1, a human growth hormone stimulator that has beneficial effects in the entire human body.

As of present times, an increasing number of researches have been conducted in Korea, Russia, China, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. In the said studies, the use of the extract as a health supplement as for everyday use was recommended. About 250 research papers on the composition, use, and effectiveness of the said substance have been published since 1930, making statements regarding the insufficiency of scientific evidences totally insignificant.

Scientific Research and Studies on its Benefits

Deer antler as an effective testosterone and growth hormone stimulator.

In 2000, Suttie and Haines conducted a study on the role of deer antler extract to promote build-up and development of muscles. In the said study, animals that were fed with the substance grew faster and developed bones with higher calcium content than those which were fed without it. Beforehand, it has been discovered in previous researches that aside from IGF-1, the extract also has IGF-2, amino acids, and EGF that contribute to muscle growth.

Effects on Athletic Performance, Stamina, and Endurance

In 1974, a study done by Yudin and Dobyrakov showed that subjects that took the extract had more stamina and endurance and exceeded the normal work time by 2 to 4 seconds. During the late 1980s, another test was done in Russia, led by fitness experts. In the said test, athletes who were going to compete in the Olympics were subject to taking deer velvet extract. Before the competition, the athletes improved in their capacity to lift weight.

In 2004, an experiment was conducted by Gerard, to prove whether the extract’s capability to hasten muscle repair was true. In the said experiment, 20 non-professional runners who took the extract for 14 days were seen to have lower creatine kinase levels, which signified lower muscle damage. It was also in the same experiment where those who took antler velvet extract were relieved of muscle soreness at least 24 hours before the control subjects did.

Deer antler Velvet’s Effects on Blood Pressure

In 1969, case studies were led by Albov wherein patients with cardiac conditions were tested with pantocrin (deer velvet extract). 81% of the patients who had high blood pressure, obesity, cardiac disease, or menopause experienced lower blood pressure after taking the extract. Another study which involved 13 patients with high blood pressure due to abnormal cardiac activity showed 84% of the subjects experienced lower blood pressure levels after taking the same substance.

Mood and Mental Health Enhancer

Deer velvet extract has been seen to improve mental health, memory, and overall mood. For those who are doubtful on the scientific bases of the said benefits, it should be known that a test done by a certain Taneyeva, the date of which is apparently unspecified, proved that the extract indeed has positive effects on mental responsiveness. In that particular test, a certain group of men aged 18 to 23 were divided into two: a control group and one that took the extract. After a certain period of time, the two groups were asked to correct a list of text by replacing some letters with the right ones. The group of men who took the extract scored higher than those who did not.

Improvement in Bones and Joints

Clinical studies in recent times, such as in 2000, show that deer velvet contains glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, help stimulate the repair of cartilages. The Food and Drug Administration even declared in 1999 that the substance has scientific bases to back the claims regarding its healthy effects on the function and structure of joints, therefore preventing osteoarthritis in men and women.

There are many more clinical bases that should be considered in order to prove that the many health advantages in taking the substance are real. The different studies conducted to prove such benefits are strong evidences that are increasing as more people conduct researches around the world.

There is no doubt that, with such numbers of positive scientific research results, combined with the actual number of people who are witness to its wonders, that antler velvet extract is definitely beneficial to human health.